Water in Basement: How to Tell if You Have a Leak

water in basementMany leaks are large and easy to see. When you see a pool of water it`s pretty obvious you have a problem; but a lot of time a leak is harder to spot. Here are some things you should look for if you suspect you have a leak in your basement.

  • Efflorescence: This is a whitish material that can be found on stone surfaces.  It usually appears when water is passing through the walls, like what happens when your basement is experiencing seepage or a leak.
  • Mold and Mildew: This appears in the area where water is leaking through the walls of your basement. Mold and mildew often brings with it an extremely unpleasant  odor as well and can lead to respiratory problems for your family and anyone else who enters your home.
  • Rust Stains: Moisture leads to rust, so if you find any signs of rust on your metal appliances you may have a leak in your basement.
  • Stained Floors: Check your floors, whether they be carpet, hardwood or another material. If you see any sorts of stains you may have a leak.
  • Dampness or Staining Around Floor Cracks: Sometimes water comes up through the floor due to groundwater. So, if you find dampness or staining around floor cracks this is a sign that water is forcing itself up through the floor of your basement.
  • Water Bugs: Many insects and bugs are attracted to pools of water and moisture. Look for small insects along the baseboards, behind sofas, in corners or anywhere else in your basement. Make sure there`s no food or other items that may attract bugs. If you can`t find any of that then it might be a leak that is bringing them in.

For more information on water in basement, go to Basement Healer.


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